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Hearing Aids: Staying Close with Mom & Dad

While some may shy away from hearing aids, they’re often the difference between having a relationship or none at all. To me, being closely connected with your family is what life’s about. I just visited my Mom and Dad. My mom just turned 88 and a couple of months ago my father turned 92. We’ve continued […]

Poised for success: Treating hearing loss pays dividends on the job

The willingness to take action is the single most important ingredient for success. This is true in any career, in any business venture, and at any time in a person’s life. Addressing hearing loss on the job allows you to stay ahead of the game and helps you achieve success. In fact, the sooner you […]

Sluggish Connections

Don’t you just hate it when your talking to someone on the phone an the call gets dropped? Or you can hear them but they can’t hear you. Also what I can hardly tolerate is when an Internet connection is very, very slow. Or the connection drops off and I have to try to log […]

  • The every-three-months check – it’s the best! I believe no other company does this. I’ll spread the news to all my friends – if need hearing aid to see you people for help. Wonderful service, too!
  • Very friendly and efficient staff. It’s like visiting family – ohana style. A special meeting place.
  • It makes a huge difference in how well I can hear! I never miss a check-up.
  • It was wonderful! We went out to lunch and he could hear and participate in the entire conversation. Before we hardly talked to each other, now we ride the bus and can carry on conversations. A real blessing…
  • I have become more confident with my life. Now my hearing is excellent. I can hear the voices of my loved ones, hear the laughter, music and hear the birds singing in the morning. I express my mahalo.
  • No longer do I have to strain to hear Sunday sermons. No longer soft-spoken individuals need to be asked to repeat or clarify their speech. What a difference a pair of small gadgets have added to my hearing. The only drawback is how loud my 20-year-old Honda now sounds!
  • I feel compelled to express my complete satisfaction with my recently acquired hearing aids from Family Hearing Aid Center. More importantly is the fact that my wife is as pleased as I am since she no longer has to yell to conduct a conversation. On a more personal note, I want to thank you directly for your professionalism and attention to detail in ensuring the maximum efficiency of my hearing aids. It is always a pleasure to visit your office.
  • I have been to other places and no one has ever made me feel like family. I mean like a real family member. I couldn’t get along without them. I bring all my friends here.
    —M. F.
  • You see this happy face – that’s me! I loved my hearing aid from day one. My life was renewed. I had missed sounds and voices all this time and had no clue as to what I was missing. Eight years later, I am still as happy as my first day.