Free Hearing Test

Take a free hearing test in just minutes to get an idea if you need hearing aids. Both of the tests below can be taken in the comfort and privacy of your own home. If results indicate that you might need hearing aids, we invite you to make a free in-office appointment to get a professional assessment.

“Do-It-Yourself” Free Hearing Test

Hearing Mission

This 10-question hearing test is an easy first step to defining whether you might need hearing aids. You can take this test yourself in just minutes. Or if you know someone who you think might need hearing aids, you can print and give this form to them. Download 78K PDF Personal Hearing Test.

If your test indicates that you might need hearing aids, book a free in-office assessment and bring the form with you.

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Two-Person, 5-Word Hearing Test

This test requires two people, a Tester and a Testee. You can complete this hearing test in just minutes in the privacy and comfort of your own home. The Tester will speak the following 5 words:

Keep | Seat | Feet | Teach | Cheat

INSTRUCTIONS: find a quiet place and follow these steps:

  1. BOTH TESTEE & TESTER: Read the 5 words so that you are both familiar with the words. Take as much time as you need to be familiar with them.
  3. TESTER: Read aloud each of the 5 words, one at a time in random order.
  4. TESTEE: Repeat each word you think your Tester said.
  5. TESTER: If Testee can’t understand or repeats the word incorrectly, raise your voice and say the word again.
  6. TESTER: Score results as you progress through the random list of 5 words.

Scoring 5-Word Hearing Test

Mark words as correct if your Testee repeats the correct word, even if you had to repeat the word.

  • 4-5 Correct: Don’t be concerned. You’re probably hearing just fine.
  • 0-3 Correct: You should get your hearing professionally checked.

Explanation: Most hearing loss begin in the higher frequency ranges so words with high-pitch consonants are typically most challenging. The 5-Word Hearing Test therefore features words with high-pitch consonants. It’s a simple test, but very effective at detecting hearing loss.

Still in Doubt?

If you still question whether you need hearing aids, we invite you to play it safe. Click the link below to set up a no obligation appointment to get a free hearing test by one of our professional hearing specialists.

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