Hearing MissionSignia belongs to the Sivantos Group family, which includes some of the most popular hearing aid brands on the market (Siemens, Audio Service, Rexton, A&M). With the launching of Signia, co-branded with the successful innovator Siemens, Sivantos hopes to “create a brand that is more human and personal, while building on the Siemens values of technological innovation and quality.” Signia is defined by life-changing innovations, with forward thinking and customer-centered and quality-driven values.

The Signia primax portfolio includes a new rechargeable option, the Cellion primax, and the ready-to-wear Silk primax. represents the life-changing innovations and customer-centered values instilled within all Sivantos Group products.

The primax Platform

Built upon the success and innovation of the Siemens binax platform – the world’s first hearing aid to outperform normal hearing in challenging noise situations – the Signia primax is currently the most advanced hearing aid to date. Signia’s primax platform provides wearers with better than normal hearing in challenging listening environments, and has been clinically-proven to reduce listening effort throughout the day.

In 2015, a study from University of Northern Colorado performed studies with a group of participants who wore the new Signia primax and found significant reduction in listening effort throughout the day, with a remarkable natural listening experience. The study attributed these successes to two main features found in Signia primax: SpeechMaster and EchoShield.

SpeechMaster – Improved Speech Recognition

Hearing Mission

For people who experience hearing loss, speech recognition is one of the greatest challenges, with a common complaint, “I can hear, but I cannot understand.” Speech recognition becomes more difficult in conversations with multiple speakers, or in environments with challenging background noise, such as restaurants or transportation hubs. This is where SpeechMaster steps in.

SpeechMaster is powered by noise reduction, directionality, and steering amplification to focus on the dominant sounds the wearer wants to hear. These features provide wearers the flexibility to focus on the sounds they want to hear, while reducing background noise that would otherwise be distracting. The SoundSmoothing features provide an added layer of comfort by reducing sharper, louder sounds. With improved speech recognition, primax wearers experience effortless speech intelligibility. Conversations are a breeze with SpeechMaster, allowing wearers to focus on the speakers’ voices, without distraction from background noise.

EchoShield – Comfort and Clarity

Hearing Mission

For many people, the experience of amplified sound in challenging acoustic spaces leads to uncomfortable listening. For example, spaces such as hallways, lobbies, theatres, atriums, and places of worship may create conditions – due to their architecture and materials – in which sounds reverberate uncomfortably for hearing aid wearers.

To address this common experience, Signia has equipped primax hearing aids with EchoShield, a feature designed to protect sounds, eliminate reverberations, and reduce listening efforts in difficult acoustic spaces. In conjunction with SoundSmoothing, balanced and preserved sounds and speech contribute to listening ease for primax wearers.

HD Music – High Definition and High-Fidelity Sound

While most traditional hearing aids are designed to focus specifically on speech intelligibility, primax takes access to sound one step further with HD Music. As most of us know, conversations are not the only sounds we miss when we experience hearing loss. For music lovers, HD Music provides pristine sound quality when it comes to your favorite albums and live performances.

HD Music offers primax wearers three settings to enhance music appreciation: “Live Music,” for any concert, indoor or out; “Recorded Music” for listening in the home; and a specialized “Musician” setting for music lovers who are also performers – whether amateur or professional.

Styles & Other Features

Hearing Mission

Signia primax is available in best-selling hearing aid models from Siemens/Sivantos Group: Ace, Pure (receiver-in-canal), Motion (behind-the-ear), and Insio (in-the-ear).  To address varying degrees of hearing loss, primax hearing aids are available in 7px, 5px, and 3px performance levels.

Signia Cellion is a rechargeable hearing aid that uses lithium-ion contactless battery technology. Simply drop your hearing aids into their charging station overnight and wake up to fully charged devices that last all day. Signia Silk is a ready-to-wear, invisible-in-canal hearing aid that comes in a number of customizable options. Perfect for first time wearers, they provide instant access to clear, unfettered sound.

With wireless capabilities, primax hearing aids are easily controlled through a smartphone or tablet with accessories such as the touchControl app and easyTek app, giving wearers a seamless listening experience. For those who experience tinnitus, Primax offers tinnitus therapy (static noise and ocean wave sounds). For those who experience single-sided hearing loss, Primax is available in CROS and BiCROS models, using ear-to-ear technology in which sounds from the unaided ear are transmitted to the other ear, providing a fuller picture of sound.

Additionally, the TwinPhone feature allows primax wearers to connect wirelessly to their smartphones through a magnetic connection. TwinPhone reduces listening effort on phone conversations, by eliminating feedback and streaming calls directly to your primax hearing aids.

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